Get Paid for Referrals

Get paid for referrals


There are numerous sites where you can get paid for referrals. Many of these will not only provide you with a unique referral link to post on your blog or send via email, they are also linked into social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.


Revenue Hits - You will earn $10 for every referral. Only catch is your referral have to earn their first $10 for you to collect. You will also earn $40 when hey make $50. I you are a website publisher this is a great company to use in getting revenue for your site. Revenue hits are used as an alternative to google adsense by many publishers.

Efurb - Site offers items from electronics to appliances and more. When you join you are given personal referal link to share. Each time someone join you will earn $10 towards any product! The only catch is that the person you invite must make their first purchase for you to get credited. Free shipping is also available Get $10 for joining.

Paid View Point - This site will pay you up to $25 per referral. Free to join! Upon signing up you will earn each time you enter your information. They pay you to take short surveys online and pays you in cash! This is not like your average paid survey site, you will qualify for all their surveys! Log in at lease once a day to complete a survey that takes 3 mins to complete. Earn up to $15 to cash out!

Shortstack - This service allows you to build social media campaigns, online contests, and more. When a referral signs up through your unique link, you'll earn a 30% cash commission on services sold, plus 10% commission for each month after. (Minimum payout is $20.)

Digital Ocean -This cloud hosting service designed for developers will pay $25 when your referred friends spend $25.

Brinkster -  With the Brinkster Referral Program, you can earn up to $336 per referral!

Capital One 360 will give you $20 for every friend who opens an account using your link, up to $1,000 total.

HostGator increases your bonus the more people you sign up. If you sign up 5 people, you get $50 a person; if you sign up 21 people, you get $125 a person. - Receive up to US$70.00 cash payment for every referral!

Google is hoping to spread the use of Google Apps for Business through word of mouth – aided by a new referral program that pays a $15 bonus per each new user you sign up.

Lyft is the competitor to the service giant Uber, and they make for some serious competition. For drivers at Lyft, referring another person to become a driver will make you both eligible for $500 in bonuses!

Airbnb can make a great alternative to traditional hotels and motels, but there’s no mistaking that sometimes it can get pricey. Remedy that by earning $25 in Airbnb credit for each referral you make – and $75 for each referral who ends up becoming a host!

Verizon - What makes Verizon’s referral program unique is the fact that you can be paid out in cash instead of credit with the service. This adds another dimension for potential referral-hunters out there who are looking to earn extra money. You’ll get paid $25 per referral, with a max of 5 referrals.

Groupon -This one is really simple: get $10 in Groupon credit for every friend you refer to create an account. That means this one is quantity over quality all the way.

Opinion Outpost - Referrals give you $2 per person, however, they’re required to complete a survey first. Twice the pay, but you’re banking on the idea that the people will actually use the site!

SwagBucks - You can get 1000 SwagBucks per referral, which is roughly equivalent to $10. No limit on max referral numbers, so get the word out there on this (already popular) site and let the rewards come.

Valued Opinions - This is a survey-exclusive site that wants people to give feedback on products and other consumer interests. You get $2 per person joined, on the stipulation that they first complete 2 surveys.

Points2Shop - You only make $1.50 per referral, however, you get a 15% cut of their lifetime earnings. Refer a handful of dedicated workers, and you’ll be sitting pretty.

Paid2Refer advertising media is a leading online advertising company. With's money making system you can easily earn money
by sharing referral links to your friends, family and other people through websites, blogs, forums, social media, facebook wall, facebook pages, groups,
twitter, chat rooms and other media. 
Signup bonus:  2$    |   Per unique visit: 0.5$    |   Minimum payout 30$

BlackHatworld This legit site has been around for a while and is paying $3 for every referral you send! This is very easy because its 100% free to join!

FusionCash is an online platform that allows you to make money from taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, completing short tasks, and much more. Sign up and immediately earn $5.00 just for joining. Most offers pay between .25 to $30 per offer, and payments are made via PayPal, check, or direct deposit once your account reaches a $25 threshold. Some offers do require a credit card number, so if you don’t feel comfortable giving out that information, just stick to the offers which display the No CC icon. Fusion Cash is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Unique Ways to Get Referrals:

1. Post on GPT forums.
This is a great idea, get involved in forums that are about the get paid industry and put your referral link in your signature. Don’t make the mistake of spamming the forum otherwise you will find your post deleted and most likely your account at the forum banned. What you want to do is become a part of the forum community and as more and more people read what you have to say, you will find people will start to click your referral link out of curiosity, this will lead to sign ups. (might not be accepted by some forums).

2. Tell friends and family.
Such an easy thing to do but the most often this over looked all too often, a lot of people that don’t understand how it is possible to make money online maybe skeptical at first, but start showing them your checks and/or payment proofs and they will soon change their tune and want to give it a go for themselves.

3. Letter box drop your neighborhoods.
Making up flyers and doing a letterbox drop can be an effective way of getting referrals, just keep in mind the more flyers you get into letter boxes the more referrals you are likely to get. This can be time consuming though and will cost you a little bit of money up front to get the flyers made up. (just don't get caught :p kiddin'

4. Walk through parking lots putting flyers on cars.
It is a quick way to get your flyer to many people, the problem is if those flyers get read or not, so if you are going to try this make sure your flyers stand out.

5. Write a blog.
If you want to get serious about gaining referrals to any program then this is a must do, make a simple blog about your get paid to program, the trick is then to get traffic to your blog. This I will make a seperate post about and go into more detail on how to drive traffic to your site.

6. Find chat rooms and groups that have the sole purpose of “Easy Money Making”
It isn’t all that time consuming and can be fun and you most likely pick up a few tips and tricks from the chat room as well.

7. Write a classified ad.
Advertising in your local newspaper could have some very good results, your ad will be read by thousands of people and if only 100 people of those thousands bother to check out the site you are advertising and if out of those only half sign up, then that is potentially 50 referrals you could get just for running the one ad. The more I think about this, the more I think that I will give it a go.



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