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 The ability to make money at home may seem like an impossible dream, but in the 21st century it is easier than ever to start a home based business or to work an online job.

There are many benefits from earning money from home. Here are just some:

  • No time wasted on commuting
  • Increased flexibility with time
  • Perfect for parents
  • The possibility of working from anywhere

Make Money Online Filling Out Surveys

Fill Out Surveys: Sign up with one or more of the many survey companies easily found on the Internet and select the type of survey(s) which will suit you best. The forms of these surveys on products and/or are quite easy to fill out and they can earn you good extra money.

Freelance Work

Whatever you’re good at, there’s someone out there who’s not good at it. Someone who has a lot of money, who’s not good at it. Someone who has a lot of money, who isn’t good at it, and needs it done. This could be writing, it could be graphic design, it could be website building, it could be writing music or making videos or drawing comic strips or… Well, it could be anything. Whatever you’re good at, there’s a freelance market for it. So set yourself up with a little online portfolio (it could just be a blog with some samples) and look around for some freelancing opportunities. The downside here is that you’re going job to job, so you never know for certain that you’ll have the money for rent at the end of the month, but, as a way to supplement your income, you can’t do much better than getting paid for what you love.

Make Money Online with Websites

Create Websites: With rather small upfront investments for domain names and webhosting services, you can build and publish websites that can serve as your online storefronts for any number of great moneymaking techniques such as affiliate marketing, selling your own products, AdSense ads, etc.

Make Some Videos

There are a lot of sites that host videos, and a lot of these sites will share some of the ad revenue with you. Some even give you a whopping seventy percent of the ad revenue, and anyone can post anything they want as long as it doesn’t violate copyright laws. You never know how popular a video will be until you post it and see how many views you get, but here’s what tends to get a lot of views: Funny mishaps, cute kittens and babies, and useful how-to videos. If you make one funny or cute or helpful enough to get featured on national television, you can be raking in the views and, of course, the ad revenue. There are many modern filmmakers who make their living solely off of banner ad revenue for their viral videos.

Sell Stuff

The trick to selling stuff on auction sites is the same as selling stuff at a store: Buy low and sell high. You can double your money each week if you know what you’re doing. You can either buy products wholesale, or just wander around garage sales and flea markets, spotting rare finds and selling them to serious collectors on the internet. This is a great way to invest a little bit of money. You can get started by buying a small wholesale lot or a few collector’s items for a single week’s pay, and then possibly double that money, and use it to reinvest back into your online retail business.

Offering a specialized or personalized service

One way to easily make money at home is to offer specialized services to businesses and individuals. What kinds of services you might consider depend principally on your own interests, skills, knowledge and abilities. What do you know? What do you know how to do that might fill a need for a company or business? Secretarial services, virtual office assistant, bookeeping or accounting services perhaps? How about information brokering, technical or advertising copy writing? Can you do graphic design, illustrating or editing? These services are usually in high demand and can often be done from home.

Online or internet sales and marketing

Another lucrative area in which you can make money at home is working on the internet in sales or marketing. Affiliate marketing in particular can be not only quite lucrative, but requires little technical knowledge and is quick and easy to set up. You choose a product that interests you at a site like clickbank.com, then sign up as an affiliate online for that product. It can be an e-book, series of CDs, an online or digital training course of some type or other online-based information product or service. You then promote that product or service using blog posts, marketing articles placed on free article banks and online forums, or advertising through internet classified ad sites like Craigslist or Usfreeads. When anyone purchases the products you promote, you are paid an affiliate percentage, which can be as high as 60% or more in some cases.

Sale of goods and other items from home

In addition to the internet of course, you can always sell items from your home. These can be direct shipped by express services to customers worldwide or people can buy their merchandise in person. Handicrafts are especially popular in this type of home business model. Artists and craftspeople from different media are able to create artistic works, then market their creations for sale through multi-media advertising. Crafts such as hand-made candles, oil, watercolor and pastel paintings, custom-fired ceramics and porcelain objects d’arte, woodwork, wrought iron and castings, hand-blown glass and thousands of other craft items sell in this manner

Income Streams With Websites

To make money at home, you will need to understand the use of EBay in working with the websites to give you a profit and successful auction sales. Each method will have its own form of income. You can choose to build your websites as affiliate sites, membership sites, ad sense sites, eBook selling, or a mixture of these together. The type you choose to work with is personal preference and there is no specific way to go about choosing.
Easy To Build Website – Websites
You can find many websites out there that offer easy ways to build you own website with their builder. You can them save it as any domain you choose. This means you can create websites for others with their information and charge a fee to maintain the website for them and to monitor any changes that need to be made to keep it fresh such as new content and the like. You can even find scripts to add to these pages easily so there is no coding necessary and the website looks great. It is so easy to take this to the next level.
Selling Your Existing Website
Most people want a readymade website that is set to go to make money at home. You can create premade templates and offer, for a fee, to add the content to those who choose to purchase the template from you. You only need a good software program that allows you to cut and paste along with drag and drop and with a little creativity, you will be on your way. You can even add forms and photos to the pages with a click of the mouse. The better you are, the more you can make money from home.
A Lot Of Skill
For those who can learn to design a really nice website for others, they should be able to bring in a nice sum of money per sale. This is dependent on what you have to offer and where you choose to display the websites. It could be displayed and sold on EBay as a separate auction or you can create your own website to sell the websites you make. Your own website will need to be carefully designed as it is the one that customers will gauge how well you can create theirs for them. List some of the templates or websites you are offering by using screen shots of them and then market yourself to bring in the traffic. This is a creative and fun venture to explore as it allows the artist in you to come through as you make money at home.


If you have a particular passion for something, whether it’s a hobby or an obsession, and you have something to say about it, blogging could be a profitable way to pour out your endless stream of thought. The key here, as with many other services on the Internet, is in selling advertising.

After starting up a personal blog, many writers sign up for ad services like Google AdSense, which post those familiar sponsored links you often see at the top and on the sides of Web sites. The more times your blog readers click on those ads, the more money you’ll make through the ad service. This works fine if you’re a casual blogger, and you may make some extra spending money. But if the blog is consistently interesting, well-written and really takes off, you may be approached by companies who want to reach your fan base with graphical advertising around your blog. Some of the more successful blogs, like I Can Has Cheezburger? and Boing Boing, have become pop-culture phenomena, and their creators have been able to quit their day jobs and blog full time because of the money they make from advertisers.

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate marketer, you will direct buyers from your promotional website to vendors who will pay you commission for each completed sales transaction. It’s as simple as that and can be extremely lucrative


Freelancing is similar in some ways to blogging. For one thing, you get to work from your own home or office most of the time. But there are a few important distinctions. First, if you’re thinking about freelance writing, chances are you need to have more experience than the average blogger. Many freelance writing positions cover specialized topics for online publications and may require expert knowledge on a subject. However, if you’re passionate about things like travel or food and know how to write, a freelancing job can provide you with good income.Writing’s not the only way to make money freelancing, of course — anyone with graphic design or programming experience can find contract jobs that pay well and provide challenging work, too.

Online Data Entry Jobs

Before applying for any job you may find , you’ll want to make sure your skills and experience meet the qualifications requested. Yes…even online data entry jobs have requirements at times. It’s not eating bon bons, while you watch soap operas and type leisurely! I swear…I get emails from people wanting to make $40,000 a year watching TV at home, working part time…..typing some “stuff”. Good luck with that!
Now for the rest of us….that are in reality. I suggest getting real with your skills and your home office.

Having the properly equipped home office will be important too. Your potential employer will want to know that you are serious, professional and qualified. Having a good computer, faxing capabilities, remote access to your computer in case you need it and keeping your computer free of spyware would be the bare minimums in my opinion. Online data entry jobs sometimes mean entering private or sensitive information. You’ll want to be secure.

Absolutely get yourself one of the great computer based faxing services. Try one out….the trials are free. If you decide to keep it – then there is a low monthly fee. This way you’re not having to go out and buy a piece of equipment, ink, paper…etc. Computer faxing is the way to go. It’s too easy. I use RingCentralonline data entry jobs. I’ve always gotten good service – and I pay less than $8 a month for their fax service. The 30 day trial is totally freeonline data entry jobs. I suggest just signing up for it and trying it. At least you can get an idea of what it’s like to use an online fax service. Consider it a little training at no cost! There is no obligation with RingCentral – but it might be worth looking into. I use it almost every day for real estate stuff.

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