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Paid to surf sites are where you view websites and get paid a commission for viewing a page for a specified amount of time, normally around 60 seconds. From doing this you will be paid anywhere from 1 cent up to 5 cents, or awarded points that eventually equate to an actual amount.

Below you will find Links to Companies that will show you how to get Paid to Surf the Web:

Spedia - Pays a percentage of revenue. Last month it was 49 cents/hour. 25% for referrals.

Surf4Euros - Worldwide payments 60 Euros per hour = about 60 cents.

CashRadio - $0.25/hr; direct - $0.05/hr; 1st to 4th levels referral - $0.025/hr. They have over 175 different formats of music to listen to.

CashFiesta - Get paid for: Surfing, Play Games, Email Send AND Receive. Referring others. $.60 - $.20 - $.10 - $.05 - $.05 - $.05 Paid monthly. $30. - They send you specific offers to view specific ads. You choose to view or not the ad. 4 levels of referrals.

ADSENGER rewards - You will be paid between \\$0.25-$10/ad you view; 5 levels of referrals 20%-10%-10%-10%-10%.

BasicPoint - Pays you for surfing the web with their surfbar and referring other people to do so.

ClickDough - Every time you use the web, you get paid for allowing the Personal Window  to appear on your screen. 50% of Ad revenue for viewed ads, 8 levels of referrals.

ePilot - Pays a percentage of revenue.

Ignifuge - -  Each time you come on and the downloaded software is active, you get paid.

ePipo - $0.60 /hr for you and 10% of your referrals earnings up to 5 levels.

GetPaid4 is a great fairly new program from TeknoSurf.Com. TeknoSurf.Com has been around for an eternity in the "Internet World" and is the fastest growing web network for direct response advertising. Their monthly revenues are in excess of $1 million. While they are new to the "Get Paid to Surf the Web" arena, their established relationships with advertisers gives them a huge advantage over other companies in this area.

ValuePay - Get paid up to $1.00 for every hour that you are online. For every direct referral that you make you will earn a 10 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar. For every indirect referral that you make you will earn a 5 cent bonus each time they earn one dollar. The referral levels are 5 levels deep.

Surf With Money - Surf With Money will be operating as long as the members want it to.

  • Join up for free by clicking the "Sign Up" button on the site. Important: Please note that Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL email addresses may not work with our software and you may NEVER receive your activation email with those email addresses! We recommend you use a different email address, such as your ISP address, Gmail or Myway.
  • Wait a few minutes for your Activation Email. Click the activation link in the email to confirm your address.
  • Log in to your account with your username and password.
  • Click on Start Surfing to earn money.
  • You can earn more. Click on upgrade account and purchase up to 1000 upgrade units.
  • You earn cash by visiting sponsored websites; simply visit 240 sites every day to earn $0.35 of your level.

OoCities -  Get Paid to Surf the Web! The Paid To Surf companies pay you to run their small advertisment banner software program on your computer while you are online.  These surf programs will pay you $.40-$1.25 per hour for the chance to flash ads at you! In other words, you can earn several hundred dollars a month at least just for surfing the web like you normally do.

No activity to your account will result in a loss of points.

Take note of the last sentence, so if you are away or ill for any length of time, like several days then all the points you have earned you will be lost.


List of international companies that pay to surf the web and visit advertisers websites

List of international companies that pay to surf the web and visit advertisers websites


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