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Bloggers are basically paid to write and post their opinions and reviews of advertiser websites, products and/or services. Being professional and consistent are key in order to build a good reputation for yourself. Making money through paid blogging and posting can earn you a realistic $100 to $500 or more per month with each blog. -This is a website for people to buy and also write articles to be sold. To earn money from, all you have to do is contribute quality articles of specific topics. Since the other half of the website is for people to browse and purchase content, if your article gets chosen, you’ll get paid a certain amount.

Articles go for as low as $1.50 up to $20 per piece, however there is no mention on how much you are entitled to.

Xomba - Xomba is a place with articles in the categories of Entertainment, Home, Writing, Science & History, News & Politics, Technology and Living. Ads from Google AdSense are automatically placed on the article you write.  They want queries for articles of 800-2000 words on the care of birds, photo essays, how-to articles, and human interest stories. They pay $100-200 for short features of 1000 words or less, and they pay $300-400 for features of 1500-2500 words, including photographs. is a community built around artists, the theater, and performance. While they only pay $50 for blog posts of 750-1000 words, they pay $100 for their "NewCrit Parameters" of 1000-1500 words and $150 for essays of 1500-2000 words. accepts freelance submissions of knitting articles / tutorials / patterns. Pay attention to the writer's guidelines for notes on when to submit season-specific tutorials. Payments are $75 - 100 per submission. Knitty is the longest-running free knitting magazine on the web. is an online magazine featuring travel stories from published book authors and anthology editors only. They pay $100 per article. Perceptive Travel is an online travel magazine established in 2006 that is home to some of the best travel stories from award-winning authors, narrative articles that dig deeper and explore beyond the surface.

Babble is Disney’s parenting website. They’re interested in stories that discuss parenting from an unusual angle or offer fresh advice on a parenting topic.

Galavanting is a travel blog for women, by women. They pay $50 for a feature essay or $15 for shorter travel tips and blog posts. Read more details.





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